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Video Tutorial

Click below to view the video tutorial for uploading and quoting an item.

Optional Services

Optional Services:

The Internet Machine Shop may provide the following optional services:
Clear Anodize- Estimated $35.00 to $75.00 per lot
Color Anodize – Black / Red / Blue - Estimated $45.00 to $95.00 per lot
Black Oxide - Estimated $50.00 to $100.00 per lot
Certification of Conformance   - $50.00 per order
Material Certification – $50.00 to $100.00 per order
First Article Inspection - $250.00 to $500.00 per order

The following prices are given for reference only. Each lot is a small minimum lot charge from 1 to 10 small pieces, Quantities over 10 and/ or of unusual shape and size will be quoted on a per project basis)

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