CAD Files Accepted

The Internet Machine Shop prefers IGES and STEP files.

The Internet Machine Shop prefers the following CAD files:

Please save your file with both wireframe and surfaces. Please ZIP all files.

Online Machine Shop

In addition to the preferred formats listed above the Internet Machine shop can accept the following file types:
Autodesk            .DWG
Autodesk            .DXF
Autodesk Inventor            .IPT
Autodesk Assemblies            .IAM
Parasolid Files             .X_T            .X_B            .XMT_TXT
SolidWorks            .SLDPRT
SolidEdge            .PAR            .PSM
Stereolithography         .STL
ACIS Solids File       .SAT
Pro/Engineer Part      .PRT
Pro/Engineer Assemblies            .ASM
The Internet Machine Shop can also accept blueprints including .DOC, .RTF, .PDF and scanned hand drawn images. Please ZIP all files.