Internet Machine Shop

Internet Machine Shop – Affiliate Program

If you have a website, newsletter or other means of promotion, you can help us promote all of our Online CNC Machining and be guaranteed a generous 5% commission on all sales you help generate.

It's simple. Once you join, we provide you with links to (banners, buttons, and text links) that you put on your Web site. When your users click through to using the links we provide you, we'll pay you
5% on all sales generated by your links. We track the number of clicks that you generate, the revenue that you have earned, and we'll mail you a check each month.

How much can I make?
Exactly how much money you will make will depend on how many visitors you get to your web site and how much interest our services are to your visitors (if your site is about RC Cars, Knife making, Product Design, Engineering or Hobby related then it may be an ideal match for our affiliate program).

Why should I join?
We offer an affiliate program with solid commissions, real time stats, third-party tracking, unique discounts and a service that is totally unique and in very high demand! An Internet Machine Shop!

Getting Started
It's easy and free to get started! Just follow the simple steps below.
1. Using the Contact us form, Send us an email with your website and name.
We will than email you log in details to get to your affiliate page.

·How much does it cost to be an affiliate?
Absolutely nothing. It is free to be an affiliate.
·Do I have to use/buy your services to become an affiliate?
No, you are not required to buy our services to become an affiliate.
·If I become an affiliate can I get a free machining?
No, participating in our affiliate program doesn't entitle you to free machining.
·How and when do I get paid?
After you join our affiliate program as an affiliate, they will pay you affiliate earnings every 30-35 days.
·Can I collect customers' orders myself, and then send you the details?
No, you must link from your site to our site. Customers must enter their own information.
·Can I use spam (unsolicited e-mail) to promote this affiliate program?
No, sending unsolicited e-mail is a nuisance to the recipient and a serious violation of our Terms and Conditions, and will result in your account being terminated. Do not send e-mail to people you do not personally know, or who have not specifically opted-in to receiving messages from you.
  Can I refer myself?
No. If you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to buy for your own personal gain, you will not receive your commission. It is against the terms to self refer yourself.

If you have any other questions about our affiliate program, please contact us.